Clinical Studies


ASSA 2013 - Abstract paper

Comparison of the ECG recordings using a novel mobile ECG recorder (EPI Mini) with a clinically validated mobile phone with ECG recording function (EPI Life). There was statistically significant correlation between the quantitative ECG parameters recorded using the novel EPI Mini and the clinically validated EPI Life.

The result shows 100% correlation of the ECG morphology for ECG recordings from both devices for all the subjects when comparing the mL I ,mL II and mV5 leads.

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October 2010

In this study, a total of 130 recordings were made to correlate the ECG findings with symptoms of palpitation using the EPI Life.

EPI Life proves to be a useful diagnostic tool for detecting arrhythmias and can potentially prevent morbidities and mortalities arising from cardiac arrhythmias..

The result shows 67% positive diagnosis of heart conditions in patients with palpitations as compared to Holter’s 64%.

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February 2010

In this study, a total of 240 recordings were made to compare the ECG recorded via EPI Life with the ECG recorded by a standard 12 lead ECG machine.This study validates the accuracy of the ECG mobile phone and demonstrates that there is both qualitative and quantitative correlation between the ECG recorded using the mobile phone and the standard 12 lead ECG machine.

The result shows 98% correlation compared with the standard 12 lead ECG machine.

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